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Hey there, we're FinalBiome

We help game developers realize the benefits of web3 without the hassle and abandonment of good practices.

We're all about making the advantages of web3 accessible to game developers, without skimping them of their best practices.

  • 2022 year founded
  • 100% fully remotely

Our story

FinalBiome was born out of the idea to create a blockchain-based game that's fun and engaging, not just a platform for speculation. During the development process, we faced certain limitations with the blockchain's architecture. But we also discovered a strong desire to build something from reusable components.

This led us to a surprising insight: we could combine all these aspects into a no-code solution. This would allow others to create games without having to repeat the logic development process. However, before diving into that, we chose to concentrate on integrating blockchain and entertainment.

As we burned the midnight oil and delved into research and simulations, it became clear that the usual approach of paying for blockchain resources per transaction wasn't compatible with classic game mechanics and monetization. Not to mention the complexities of token listing, community building, liquidity management and the like. It seemed as though game development was turning into an entirely different ball game, void of fun and entertainment for the players.

This realization propelled us towards a single aim: to design a platform that allows game developers to use the blockchain's potential to enhance their games without sacrificing the core essence of gaming or incurring unreasonable risks and expenses.

FinalBiome Mission
We aim to broaden the horizons of the gaming industry by bridging traditional and blockchain-based games.
FinalBiome Philosophy
We firmly believe that technology should match with actual needs to be sustainable. It should serve the present requirements, not just futuristic ones.

Our Values

Passionate Impact
We're fueled by passion, thrilled by the opportunity to make people happier and more successful. That's why we love what we do, creating solutions that matter and have a positive influence.
Collaborative Synergy
At FinalBiome, each person holds a unique role and is an integral part of our team. We foster a culture of respect and collaboration where shared responsibilities drive the greatest impact.
User-Centric Creativity
We put our users at the heart of our creations. Through empathy and understanding, we develop products that address real needs and create a meaningful impact.
Authentic Communication
Honesty and transparency guide our communication. We don't sell, we share. We don't just talk, we listen. Being a vibrant part of the community, we believe in fostering genuine relationships.
Efficiency Empowered
Instead of working tirelessly, we focus on working smartly. We leverage our technical expertise to control software effectively, using it as a tool, not as a master.
Quest for Excellence
We're committed to improving, always striving for excellence. We learn where we lack, seek help when needed, and compete only with ourselves. We're dedicated to being the best versions of us.
We're Expanding!
Join us at FinalBiome, whether you're in Portugal or anywhere else around the globe. Come join us on our mission to make blockchain more accessible for game developers in a unique way.
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