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Fungible Assets


Fungible Assets (FA) serve as a core component of the FinalBiome platform.

These are resources that are partially consumable and are universally applicable in the game. This means if the resource is shared by all players and is not linked to another specific asset, it's considered an FA. In contrast, if a consumable attribute is tied to a particular asset, it is considered a property value of that specific asset.

An important aspect of FAs is that they have a global effect.

Consider an in-game currency, for instance. This currency is a fungible asset as it can be spent by players to purchase other assets, and it is shared by all players in the game. Therefore, any property values, such as the currency exchange rate, apply globally to all players.

However, consider the 'speed' attribute of a specific unit in the game. This attribute can change according to certain game mechanics such as unit upgrades or the effect of time/fatigue. In this case, the 'speed' attribute is a property value of the specific unit asset and is not considered a fungible asset itself.

The 'energy' that a player possesses can be considered an FA as it's a resource that can be used (and hence consumed) by the player for various activities in the game. However, the 'speed' of a particular unit, which can change based on game conditions (unit upgrade, time/fatigue), is considered a property value of that specific unit (asset).

In summary, Fungible Assets in FinalBiome are global resources that can be partially consumed by all players. They are not tied to any other specific assets, and their property values apply globally to all players. Understanding the distinction between FAs and NFAs is crucial for game developers when configuring the game assets and mechanics.

FA Traits

Fungible Assets (FA) are a fundamental part of the FinalBiome platform. This document outlines the defining characteristics of FAs, their behavior, and their respective properties. Understanding these characteristics can help game developers better shape gameplay dynamics and the economy within their games.


The Traded characteristic determines whether an FA can be traded on the open market, including platforms like the FinalBiome marketplace or other platforms.

It's important to note that exchange rates cannot be set for tradable FAs - the pricing is entirely based on market dynamics.

An FA can also be non-tradeable, thereby limiting its use exclusively within the game.

Player Experience, which cannot be bought or exchanged. However, the level of Player Experience can unlock various game features.

Top Upped

The Top Upped characteristic indicates that an FA is auto-refillable. This characteristic is useful when there's a need to limit certain player actions by the quantity of available resources.

Actions consume Top Upped FAs to zero, but these FAs are automatically restored over time.

Workers can continue building as long as they are fed donuts. However, donuts are a limited resource and regenerate over time.

Please note that Top Upped only operates when paired with Cupped characteristic and Local Cup property is set.


Speed This property defines the rate at which the FA value increases.


The Cupped characteristic suggests that an FA has a maximum limit.



This property establishes the global maximum limit for a particular FA in the entire game. This property is useful for crafting game economic models and creating scarcity of a particular resource.

Local Cup

This property defines the maximum limit of an FA for a specific player. Meaning, a single player cannot possess more of an FA than the Local Cup limit.

A player can possess no more than 30 "Donuts" FA.