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About FinalBiome Network

FinalBiome is foremost a game-adapted blockchain, constructed to simplify game development to its utmost. Its features range from no-code game logic configuration and game-adapted technical characteristics to equally crucial aspects like project monetization methods. This article is dedicated to providing a comprehensive overview of these elements.

Overview of the FinalBiome Network

The FinalBiome Network is a blockchain built on the Substrate framework. The extensive community of Substrate developers provides us with a solid foundation in terms of security and reliability for our decentralized system. Meanwhile, the FinalBiome team primarily focuses on meeting game developers' needs and facilitating their journey in creating blockchain-based games.

Given the decentralized nature of the blockchain, certain architectural and technical constraints are inevitable. These constraints significantly influence the applications that utilize blockchain technology, in our case, the games.

Key Characteristics of the FinalBiome Network

As of now, the key game-specific features of the FinalBiome Network include:

  • Block time: 0.5 sec
  • Game transactions per second: At least 1000

Here, we refer to game transactions as full-fledged operations, not primitive logic. These are configured behaviors, often complex, set by the developer during configuration, unlike other blockchains, where the metric transactions per second are counted based on the simplest operation, i.e., token transfer between two accounts.

Please note, these characteristics are current, and FinalBiome intends to significantly improve them to provide maximum opportunities and creative freedom to game developers. Stay tuned for updates.

Authentication in the FinalBiome Network

Gamer authentication is another critical aspect of game development on the blockchain. The usual approach for blockchains, managing key pairs via third-party applications, poses a significant barrier to attracting new players to the game.

To address this, FinalBiome uses a multi-level authentication system. It not only allows the use of the standard OAuth 2.0 but also lets players start playing without authentication, without any loss of progress if they decide to register later. For more details about authentication, you can read the Authentication.

Transaction Costs in the FinalBiome Network

FinalBiome Network offers free transactions. This eliminates the need to deal with upfront payments and token volatility, which can significantly impact the project's fate. It removes the inability to accurately forecast and evaluate the financial model, thus opening up opportunities for any project monetization model.

FinalBiome's Future Prospects

FinalBiome is still in its early stages of development. Many things are yet to be released, and even more are planned. We eagerly look forward to implementing these plans to make blockchain games not just on par with traditional games but significantly better. Stay tuned for exciting new updates.

In conclusion, FinalBiome is designed to make blockchain-based game development as effortless as possible while providing a robust and secure framework. With its user-friendly interface, complex features, and commitment to improvement, FinalBiome aims to transform the landscape of game development in the years to come.