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FinalBiome offers three main account types that cater to different roles within the platform:

  1. Game Account
  2. Developer Account
  3. User Account


Account Types

Game Account

A Game Account is the proprietary account of a game within FinalBiome. It serves as the custodian of Developer Accounts, which are responsible for game configuration.

Developer Account

The Developer Account is the account of a game developer on the FinalBiome platform. The developer uses this account to set up and manage the game's configuration. One game can be associated with multiple Developer Accounts, allowing for a team of developers to collaboratively work on a single game.

User Account

The User Account pertains to the gamer on FinalBiome. It is a global account available across the platform. The User Account is unique in its capacity to create and own game assets, and manage them.

Division of Authority

It is crucial to understand the division of authority among these account types. While the Game Account and Developer Account hold administrative roles, they do not have the capacity to own assets, create them, or trade them. Their principal function is to establish the rules for the generation and usage of these assets.

The User Account, on the other hand, is the real creator and owner of the game assets and has the right to manage them. Neither Game Account nor Developer Account can own assets or modify the state of the game beyond the established game rules.

Public and Private Keys

Each account type is owned by an entity that possesses a public and private key pair. The private key is a cryptographically secure randomly-generated sequence of numbers. For better readability, this private key generates a sequence of words known as a secret seed phrase or mnemonic. It is crucial to safely store this secret seed phrase as it is the only way to recover access to an account if the private key is lost.

The public key associated with an account identifies that account on the network and is used as the destination address for transactions.

Since FinalBiome is built on the Substrate SDK, you can find additional information about keys and addresses in the Substrate documentation.

Address Encoding

Addresses associated with the public key for an account use the SS58 address format, an enhanced version of base-58 encoding. The SS58 address format offers several advantages:

  • The format employs 58 alphanumeric characters, which provide a shorter, more identifiable address than a hex-encoded address.
  • It omits characters that can be easily misread in a string, such as 0, O, I, and l.
  • The format allows for network-specific prefixes, enabling the use of the same public key to derive addresses for different chains.
  • It supports the use of derivation paths to generate multiple addresses from the same public key, allowing for different addresses to be used for different purposes.
  • The format also includes a checksum for verification, helping to prevent input errors.

Creating Addresses

While User Accounts are automatically created using the FinalBiome SDK, Game and Developer Accounts must be manually created.

Before proceeding with address creation, an Environment Setup is necessary.

To generate a new key pair and phrase, use the following command:

finalbiome-node/target/release/finalbiome-node key generate

It is crucial to safely store these keys because if lost, they cannot be recovered, resulting in the loss of access to the corresponding account.