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Gamer Authentication

FinalBiome incorporates a three-tiered authentication structure designed to optimize user onboarding without compromising the security that is inherent to blockchain technology. The purpose of this guide is to explain these levels and how to implement them, providing developers with the flexibility to cater to diverse user requirements and preferences.


Blockchain technology often necessitates complex key-pair creation and storage methods for transaction signing. These processes are cumbersome for gamers and pose a risk of unrecoverable losses if the keys are lost. As a result, FinalBiome provides alternative user-friendly methods for authentication.

Note that all operations on the FinalBiome network must be signed with a key pair. This ensures that each operation can be traced to a specific user, providing security and accountability.

FinalBiome's authentication levels are as follows:

  1. Anonymous Level
  2. General Level
  3. Full Level

Developers can opt to use these levels separately or sequentially, based on their desired user onboarding flow.

1. Anonymous Level

The Anonymous Level allows players to start the game immediately with no action required for authentication. This provides a seamless entry point into the game.

However, this level has its limitations:

  • Players cannot manage their in-game assets.
  • Continued gameplay on other devices is not possible.
  • The authentication state is stored locally and temporarily, resulting in potential loss of game state between sessions.

2. General Level

To enable asset management and facilitate gameplay on multiple devices, players must switch to the General authentication level. This level implements the OAuth2.0 standard and our SDKs support authentication via email, phone, or social identity providers such as Apple and Google Sign-Ins.

3. Full Level

For advanced users and players engaged in asset trading, the Full authentication level provides the highest security. Users manage their keys personally at this level. However, losing the keys results in a loss of access to all assets and game progress.


Each of these authentication levels can function independently or as part of a sequential onboarding flow. FinalBiome gives developers the freedom to choose which level(s) of authentication best suit their game's requirements.

To understand the practical implementation of these authentication levels, refer to the code provided in our showcase example.

The specific integration and usage of these methods depend on your game and user preferences. It's recommended to thoroughly evaluate each method before deciding on the appropriate authentication level for your users.

With FinalBiome's flexible authentication system, developers can strike the right balance between user-friendly onboarding and the robust security that blockchain technology provides.