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Why FinalBiome?

FinalBiome is the ultimate platform for game developers and gamers alike, offering an impressive array of features that make creating, launching, and playing games a breeze.

Whether you're an indie game designer or part of a larger studio, FinalBiome’s unique toolkit is engineered to revolutionize the way you create and monetize games.

No-code Backend

Develop your game backend seamlessly with our no-code configuring. Simply set your list of game assets, their internal parameters, currencies, and other resources, and let FinalBiome handle the rest. Our approach significantly reduces the resources required for game development, freeing you from the need for expensive backend developers. Now, your game designer can manage the backend configuration, saving time and boosting efficiency.


Our platform embraces the use of any monetization methods that suit your game. FinalBiome doesn't require paid transactions, so you're free to decide how best to generate revenue. From an in-game store to native payment interfaces, we provide all the essential capabilities without necessitating any external integrations. With FinalBiome, game issuance becomes simpler and faster, perfect for rapid market launches, prototyping, and testing.

Pay-less Backend

Hosting logic of your game on FinalBiome is absolutely free. Your game's online presence isn't contingent upon the number of gamers playing; we store your game backend forever, regardless of its activity level. This eliminates maintenance costs and helps you keep your entire portfolio active and available, offering new opportunities for growth and profitability.

And more


Game Store Catalog Exposure

Every game built on FinalBiome gets featured in our Game Catalog. We aim to attract both developers and gamers to our platform, which means we run extensive campaigns to draw in gamers. This gives your game additional organic traffic and visibility.


A Unified Super App

FinalBiome is not just a game creation platform—it's also a super app for gamers. This unified space allows players to access games, manage their accounts, buy, sell, exchange, and donate in-game assets. It also allows for balance refills and money withdrawal. And the possibility of inter-game trading of assets opens up innovative economic models and game mechanics.


Game Asset Trading & Payout for Gamers

We offer a default in-game asset trading system for all games, with no additional development required. Players can safely trade game assets, making transactions directly to their bank cards, while developers can earn additional revenue from this trade.


Cross-game Exchange

With FinalBiome, exchanging assets between games is possible. This introduces new gaming mechanics and expands economic possibilities. Modular worlds can be created where multiple games contribute to a larger game mechanic. Or community-driven creation of game extensions and add-ons.


Security & Reliability

FinalBiome is designed with security and reliability in mind. Our platform is entirely decentralized, offering transparent transactions built on cutting-edge blockchain technologies. This guarantees a reliable and trustworthy platform for both developers and gamers.



Our blockchain-based infrastructure ensures that only the owner of the game or game asset can change its status. This eliminates opportunities for reverse engineering or modifications of binary files, making games fairer and more secure.


Transparent Analytics

We offer comprehensive, transparent analytics. Developers can see everything happening in their games, ensuring that all actions are recorded and no status can be altered retroactively.


Financial Model

We don't rely on cryptocurrencies or NFTs. All payments are made in fiat currency, keeping your revenue stable and independent of crypto market fluctuations.

Blockchain Benefits Without Tradeoffs

With all the features that are atypical for a blockchain, FinalBiome is still a blockchain. This allows you to use all the benefits of DeFi not only in our ecosystem, but also with the help of bridges to use the whole variety of blockchains to realize your ideas and maximize profits

No Upfront Costs

We charge only when developers or gamers withdraw revenue or sell assets in the marketplace. Storage, computing power, and other transactions remain free.

Get Started Today

Embrace the power of blockchain and create gaming experiences that were previously unimaginable. Begin your journey into the future of gaming today with FinalBiome.